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in this pod. >>> several miles of the mississippi river remain closed to river traffic today. that is after an oil barge carrying 80,000 gallons of crude oil hit a railroad bridge. they do not know how much oil spilled. >>> time is 6:24. a lot of 49er fans that were not going to the super bowl in new orleans they are shopping for new tvs to watch the game. there has been a run on hd tvs at the best buy store in emeryville. prices have dropped. many flat screen tvs and the fact that the 49ers are playing that has boosted sales. >> it picks up around the super bowl any way. now there is an extra rush just because the 49ers are in it. >> best buy sighs this time -- says this time of year is a popular time to buy tvs. it's not just because of the super bowl. a lot of stores marked down lasteers tv to make room for the newer tvs which will come out as soon as march. >>> if you are salivating over the super bowl, you may be hungry for you ready? for a harburger. boulevard burger make these burgers you are looking at made for jim and john harbaugh. it has two beef patties described as all american
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1